Our commitment


Our commitment

Our Project Family Commitment addresses the issues faced by the family-building community.

Our #ProjectFamily Commitment

At every stage of the journey from conception to birth, millions of people around the world are unable to access the care, treatment and support they need to build a family.

At Ferring, we believe in everyone’s right to a family and we commit to building families.

We are committed to:

Learning from patients to improve their treatment and care 

We commit to working with patient communities to develop life-changing medicines that make conception, birth, life and living possible.  

We commit to seeking insights from our patient community throughout the research and development of our treatments.  

We commit to listening to and learning from the patient community, and to implementing their feedback to improve usability and patient satisfaction with our treatments.  

Collaborating to reduce maternal and infant mortality  

We commit to collaborating with patient communities and partners in the public and private sectors to reduce global maternal and infant mortality.  

We commit to providing access to our heat-stable treatment to prevent post-partum haemorrhage, the leading cause of maternal mortality, to the public sector of low and lower-middle income countries at an affordable and sustainable price. 

We commit to calling on governments and policy makers to prioritise maternal health and provide effective pre-natal, delivery and post-natal care for all new parents, no matter where they live. 

We commit to researching the unknown causes of preterm birth and to exploring new methods for preventing it, to help save and improve lives.  

Closing the inequality gap 

We commit to working with patients, potential parents and intended parents to change mindsets, policies, guidelines and laws, so that more people can access the personalised care, treatment and support they need to build a family.  

We commit to working with the scientific community to close the data gap through our research in reproductive, pregnancy and birth related conditions.  

We commit to dispelling the common myth that ‘infertility is a women’s issue’ and to researching factors contributing to male fertility issues. 

We commit to educating men about their own fertility, and to including them in the conversation.  

We commit to supporting all communities on their family-building journeys and to helping reduce racial disparities in maternal mortality and access to IVF treatment.  

Working together to win hearts and minds 

We commit to winning hearts and minds by sharing real-life stories of heartbreak, hope and joy. 

We commit to amplifying people’s voices, so that they can speak openly and without shame about fertility issues, IVF treatment and baby loss.  

We commit to educating and empowering people to better understand fertility and family-building options, including proactive egg freezing, fertility preservation for cancer patients and for transgender people, donor conception, surrogacy and adoption. Including proactive egg freezing, fertility prevention for cancer patients and adoption.

We commit to raising awareness and to encouraging empathy and understanding across different communities and generations. 

We commit to working with healthcare professionals to ensure that patients and potential parents receive personalised medical care with empathy, and without bias.   

We commit to celebrating the teams of doctors, nurses, midwives, embryologists, scientists, advocacy groups, policy and law makers, social workers, mental health specialists and support networks who help people build families around the world every day.   

We commit to advocating for everyone’s right to build a family, no matter who you are, where you live. 

At Ferring, we commit to all of this, because we know that no matter where you are in the world, family, is the most important thing in life. 

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